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Stoat Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure

Stoat Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Stoat Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure! Our beautiful animal wood figure is crafted from intricately detailed and highly polished wood, making it an inspiring centerpiece for any table. It has been delicately hand-painted with intricate brush strokes and is perfect for adding a touch of character to your living space. The adorable stoat is sculpted into an easy-to-view pose so you will never miss a moment of this cute little critter!

Give your home some personality and uniqueness with our Stoat Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure! The figure is capable of making a statement in any room; its petite size packs a lot of charm, adding just the right amount of atmosphere to any décor. Whether you choose to use the figure as an accent piece or as a conversation starter, its presence will be appreciated by all who enter the room. Showcase your appreciation for nature and animals by choosing this one-of-a-kind wooden sculpture! Plus, it makes a great gift too!


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4"H Hand-Painted Wooden Figure


This item is handmade and may be slightly different in wood grain and tone from what you see in pictures.

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