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Sika Deer Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Figure

Sika Deer Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Figure

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Bring the vibrancy of the outdoors inside with this stunning Sika Deer Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Figure! Each piece has been meticulously sculpted and painted to capture their natural beauty. From the texture of their fur to the glint in their eyes, every detail is accurate and stunningly realistic.

This animal figure is perfect for anyone who loves collectibles or animals. It’s suitable for any age, making it a great gift for any special occasion. Featuring a vibrant beige color and life-like pose, this scultped animal figure will look great in any home as an accent piece or a centerpiece decoration. They will add personality and life to any dull corner or shelf.

For those that love wildlife appreciation, this Sika Deer Scupted Hand-Painted Animal Figure offers a unique way to bring that appreciation indoors and have it last forever. Not only does it fit in with most decor styles, it’s also crafted from quality material designed to be durable, so you can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

If you love nature and want an eye catching piece that celebrates wildlife appreciation all year round, then get your own Sika Deer Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Figure now! With its lifelike design and vibrant colors, this sculpture will bring a unique flair to your home decor collection!


Product Details
Hand-Painted Wooden Figure
4.5”H Bucks
4"H Dove
1.5"H Baby Deer


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Donna French
Sika Deer Sculpted Hand Painted Animal Figure

The deer look just like what is advertised. They are so pretty and delicate.