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Fox Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure

Fox Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure

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Are you looking for a piece of art that stands out? Look no further than this beautiful Fox Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure! It is hand-crafted with original traditional sculpting techniques and intricately painted for an extra touch of sophistication. This finely crafted wood figure makes the perfect decor piece, adding a hint of nature's beauty to any home or office.

The bright orange tone of this figure will liven up any room with its vibrant energy while still creating a tranquil atmosphere. The fox captures the mysteriousness of wildlife perfectly and will leave you mesmerized by its stunning details. It has an exquisite craftsmanship that makes it stand out from ordinary wall decorations, making it a must-have statement piece. Whether you display it on your table or mount it onto your wall, the incredible realism of this fox figure will surely captivate the eye and attract attention wherever it's placed.

Experience nature in all its beauty with this remarkable Fox Sculpted Hand-Painted Animal Wood Figure! Invest in this timeless masterpiece today – get yours now!

Product Details
Fox Hand-Painted Wooden Figure
Stood: L:13xW:3.5xH:8cm
Laying: L:13xW:3.5xH3cm
Sitting: L:4.5xW3.5XH9cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Susan Salsitz
Fabulous Mr. Fox

Fox is AWESOME! Extremely well carved! Beautiful colors!
It really is FABULOUS’

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are humbled that our Fox product was able to bring such joy into your life. We try very hard to craft a high-quality product with vivid colors and details so it's wonderful to hear that the effort we put into creating them resonates with our customers. We hope you'll continue to explore our other species as well! Thank you for being a valued customer.


Just adorable and well made. Fits in nicely for the spot I wanted to put it!

Thank you for your great review! We are delighted that you like the item and it fits nicely in the spot you were hoping for. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we value your feedback very much. We look forward to helping you with future projects. Enjoy!

Karen Schlichting
i don't understand what this means

love these these items, they are beautiful.

Joanie Rolfson

This fox was so cute and came with a bonus scarf to wrap around his neck!

Aubrey Dickens

Thank you so much for the perfect little fox. I am very happy .! Kindly regards Monica