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Bunny holding A Carrot Hand-Carved Figurine

Bunny holding A Carrot Hand-Carved Figurine

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Welcome the Easter season with this adorable Bunny holding A Carrot Hand-Carved Figurine! This unique piece of artistry is the perfect way to spruce up your Easter decorations. Whether you're an animal-lover, or enthusiastic about the holiday time, this Bunny holding A Carrot Hand-Carved Figurine exudes a festive spirit that everyone will appreciate this Easter.

Not only is the Bunny holding A Carrot Hand-Carved Figurine cheerful and bright, but it's also one-of-a-kind! Crafted by hand with careful attention to detail, each figurine has its own unique personality that will bring a special touch of distinction to your place. With its dainty details and soft finish, what better way to celebrate the season than with this impressive little rabbit?

It's also a great gift item for bunny enthusiasts/lovers everywhere! It looks amazing as an accent in home offices, schools, gift shops and more. Not just adorably cute, but made from durable materials, so it can stay close for years to come. Treat yourself or someone else today - bring the wonderful world of bunnies into your life with the Bunny Holding A Carrot Hand-Carved Figurine!


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4"H Hand-Carved and painted Wood figure.

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