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Wooden Islands

Donkey Tissue Holder Handmade Wooden Home Decoration

Donkey Tissue Holder Handmade Wooden Home Decoration

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The Donkey tissue holder Handmade is an endearing addition to your home or work desk. He's a happy little guy who loves looking at the world with his big, brown eyes and coming up for wonderful moments in life (and good laughs)!

Donkeys are often overlooked and underestimated creatures. Few people will just go out around the block to buy one for home use. If you happen to be on vacation in Spain, it may cross your path at some point, but until then - don't feel too shortchanged! We've designed this little guy as a replacement when you don't have one on hand and he is guaranteed to make any room a happier place.

Material: Black Walnut, Sapele
Dimension : 250x230mm

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