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Giraffe Tissue Holder Wooden Handmade Home Decoration Gifts

Giraffe Tissue Holder Wooden Handmade Home Decoration Gifts

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 Giraffe Tissue Holder Wooden Handmade Home Decoration Gifts

Animals have evolved to adapt to their surroundings, which leads them to take on different shapes and sizes. This is true of people as well as other animals. Take for instance the giraffe–– a non-herbivorous animal with an elongated neck that uses its long tongue and sharp teeth to pull leaves from trees in order not only survive but also thrive! It’s a miracle of nature indeed when this much needed tree-climbing animal can do so by stretching upwards all day long! That said, it needs something strong at home; otherwise, it may never get those feet back on solid ground again! Our latest handmade idea? Customized Giraffe Tissue Holder: What better way for this creature of heart.


Imagine the craziest and yet strikingly beautiful sight of a giraffe standing with their neck stretched out, reaching for that tissue on your vanity. The practical utility of this design may be detailed in the specifications below but we as designers are truly fans of its artistic beauty.

Gift Idea
Can be used as gifts for friends on birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other unforgettable days. As a creative gift, your friends will love it very much.

Found nowhere else
Each of our pieces is unique in the world, with patterns specific to the original tree.

Easy to Refill 
When the box of tissues is empty and you need to restock, it couldn’t be easier. The Tissue Box Cover is outfitted with a slide-out bottom, allowing you to easily open it up, replace it with a new box of tissues, and close it back up again.

Cute/Gift idea
Nature solid wood

Giraffe Tissue Holder Wooden


Material: Wooden(Black walnut, Beech, leather)
Dimension : 117mm, 267mm, 297mm

Usually, take 2-5 business day

•Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply

•Keep sculpture in a low humidity environment.
•Stains can be removed carefully with a soft cloth and a little bit of water.


• This item is handmade and may be slightly different in wood grain and tone from what you see in pictures, you get a unique piece!
• We love natural materials, and it is obsessed with the creation of our originality.
• We use wood as a small starting point to create a design warming heart for life.

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